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Τι θα μάθουμε
Bitmap drawing. Chiaroscuro, volume, perspective.
Tools - layers, filters, brushes.
Collage. Color and shape, composition.
Tools - selection, modification, shapes and colors.
Retouch. Development of theory and tools p. 1 and p. 2
3D modeling. Composition in 3D, balance in 3D.
Book layout Color and composition - how to highlight the main thing.
Vector illustration. Basic principles, tool - curves.
Infographics. Composition and colourists for infographics in design.
Identity. Logo and font. Form style. Perception by the viewer.
Character and humanization. Poses and facial expressions, human proportions.
Simplest frame-by-frame animation

32 μαθήματα υπό την καθοδήγηση Ελλήνων δασκάλων
10 – 16 ετών
Τμήματα 6 μαθητών
Ένα ή δύο μαθήματα την εβδομάδα
Διάρκεια μαθήματων 90'
Καθημερινές ή Σαββατοκύριακο
For those who want to turn imagination into digital reality
The children will master the most popular free professional graphic design software, meaning they will be able to continue designing at home.
Use professional tools
The children will immediately apply their new skills in practice by creating their own projects.
Create real products
The children do not have to have experience art school, their ideas and enthusiasm for creating will be enough.
We teach from scratch
We create #futuready kids
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